5 Helpful Tips to Use Social selling platforms on Instagram & Facebook.

Social selling is a good idea to the business people. The seller posts a photo at the description of an item that one wants to sell on Facebook page. Then after posting the consumer is able to see the items description and the consumer gets interested in it. This kind of business seems to be very tricky because it I now upcoming the most modernised way. Most of the sellers who use social selling they post their goods and their phone numbers or their emails so that when the consumer will need the item, it will now be very possible that the communication can be done so that the item can be delivered to the customer. When the seller has posted an item, comment selling helps the seller to get customers. The buyers who have already bought the commodity they also comment about the product and thus enhancing others to know about this product and purchase it. The following are helpful tips that one can use social selling platforms.

  1. Posting a photo and its description of the item.

The seller who deals with this kind of task should post the commodity so that the customers may be aware of the product. The seller should post in a platform where many people are able to reach and this is Instagram and Facebook. The seller should post a photo that can attract buyers.

  1. A consumer seems this photo and the description as well and the buyer needs the item.

When the buyer is going through the Instagram or Facebook well, the buyer is able to trace the advertisement and goes true. Here you will get that someone may leave a comment that he or she wants the item. The buyer can also leave a comment that can also attract another customer. When the buyer demands the commodity, the seller and the buyer together does an immediate follow up.

  1. The buyer posts sold in the thread of commenting along with the email address or telephone number.

When the buyer gets interested in the item, the buyer can leave a comment may be of demanding the item. That comment is said to be a comment sold, simply because the buyer has now fully been interested and the item is going to be delivered.

  1. The social selling platform will then have a duty send the buyer an invoice containing the payment and the shipping information.

When the seller gets the possible way of delivery of the item to the customer. The buyer sendsan invoice bac to the customer so that the customer may get to know the possible way that this item is going to be delivered. The buyer then makes the arrangements over the same and the delivery process is initiated.

  1. Finally, the sale is completed and the product is shipped.

When the whole process is now done the seller and the buyer are going to agree on the possible way of delivery. The product is delivered to the buyer and thus the process is done.

In conclusion, social media selling is very tricky but the seller needs to be creative enough. The seller has to post an item in such a manner that the seller can get to buy the product. The seller can use the buyer’s comments in order to sell the products as well.…

5 Ways I Use Facebook Groups to Sell My Stuff Online

Most business people sell their stuff online and this is the best platform where you are likely to make more sales. Facebook groups a good place to advertise your stuff so that those who are interested can call you and buy the stuff that you are selling if they are appealing to them. Facebook comment selling has helped many people to get more customers for their goods and services. Some of these ways to use facebook to sell stuff fast include:

  1. Post photos that are very strong

Ensure that you have photos that are clear before posting them at the facebook groups. The whole item that you are posting should be seen by all people and therefore it is important for you to ensure that you edit the photo before you decide to post it on the facebook wall for people to see. When shooting your photos ensure you do it where there is enough lighting and therefore it is important for you to do it outside and if you have to do it indoors ensure you use a flash. This is the only way that you can be able to make them clear so that they can be attractive to the facebook groups.

  1. Write A Good Description

In order to write a good description you don’t have to be a professional copywriter. What you are required to do is to just describe your item in a detailed and positive manner that can be easily understood by all the people in the facebook group where you are posting your advertisement. Some of the main things that you need to include in your description are number of items, condition of the item, age of the item, and price, and general location, price of the new item and the dimensions of the items. Comment selling has worked in most facebook groups and therefore a good description is crucial.

  1. Be honest

It is very important for you to ensure that you are honest in what you are posting and the description that you are giving. It is not good for you to exaggerate the condition of what you are selling as this may bring confusion to the customer when he or she comes to see your products. It is important for you to tell your customers the dent that is at the back door so that when they come they are aware of it. Ensure you don’t lose credibility and trust with what you are selling.

  1. Ensure you keep your prices reasonable

Ensure you price your stuff at a reasonable price because if you overprice them it can be hard for you to get a customer to purchase them. It is important to sell your stuff at almost a-third of what you bought them if they have been used for a while as this will give you customers.

  1. Follow the rules

If you have never used facebook groups it is important for you to know that most of these groups have rules and you have to follow them when posting your stuffs on the walls of such groups.…